Collect Em All Apk Download [V2.16.4] Latest Version

Collect Em All Apk Download Logo IconAre you interested in playing card-collecting games? In today’s world of the digital revolution, the mobile game is trending. There is one such trendy game that has been in demand for a while now, and it is Collect Em All. Are you interested in playing the Collect Em All APK game? 

Then, please read this article and learn about the game before installing it on your device. In this write-up, we will try to cover all of this application’s critical facts, features, and gaming experience. Let us talk about the captivating graphics, fantastic gameplay, and how Collect Em All has gained popularity quickly. 

What is Collect Em All APK?

Collect Em All is a game that is very popular these days. It allows players to collect cards of various types, just by playing a puzzle game. The game has engaged gameplay and a wide range of collections of cards. This way, the game has grabbed the attention of hundreds of players worldwide. Collecting different cards through gameplay adds to the excitement of the game, which is simple and easy. 

This element strategically competes with the competitors. Players will be motivated to explore new cards and sets of cards. Thus, they will play the game by completing challenging tasks to acquire rare and powerful cards. Collect Em All APK offers a unique gameplay experience where players can collect cards by winning the game. The game’s premise is simple, and one can earn rewards through the cards organized. 

simple, and one can earn rewards through the cards organized. 

What is Collect Em All Apk

Disclaimer: This article has covered the details of a game called ‘Collect Em All APK,’ which has created a lot of chaos online. But there are not many details about this game on the Internet. 

Essential Features of Collect Em All

Before utilizing any application, it is essential to confirm its features. One can learn about the layout, terms of size, compatibility, and numerous additional features of the program by examining its characteristics, which may help one identify the kind of application they would access. These are the application’s key characteristics.

  • Collect Em All APK is a unique concept with a simple user interface.
  • Appearing colorful graphics, it is a mobile game for all ages. 
  • The game incorporates different genres, combining strategy, luck, and exploration elements, which adds to its appeal. 
  • With regular updates and new card releases, Collect Em All ensures that players are constantly engaged and challenged.
  • CardTech Inc. develops the game.
  • The game has an age restriction of 12 and above.
  • They claim to provide players with actual cash rewards through PayPal.
  • This game contains advertisements, and it will interfere with the gaming experience. 
  • Collect Em All APK was last updated on 26th July 2023. 
  • The game is available for free of cost, and the game is available on the Google Play store for free of charge.

Technical & Additional Information 

  • Application’s Version: 1.0.1
  • Application’s File Size: 10.65MB
  • Application Package Kit Name: cards. Collect all
  • Price of Game: Free
  • Android Compatibility: Any Android device that is 4.0 version or above
  • Interface: The application’s interface is poor and not impressive. Although the application’s graphics quality was okay, they looked cheap. 
  • Pages: The application did not have a homepage, and the puzzle query will open directly. 
  • Data Safety & Security: The application assures users to keep their data safe. However, the application will extract data such as Contacts, Personal information, application information, and device information.
  • Third-Party Data Sharing: The Collect Em All APK shares the collected data with a third party and is mentioned openly. 
  • Install option: The Player can install this application directly from the Google Play Store.
  • Device Compatibility: They claim to be compatible with computers as well. 
  • Latest Update: There were bugs and performance errors. Thus, they fixed the bug and improved the performance of the gameplay. 

Feedback & Reviews 

The application needs to have reviews and feedback on the Internet and anywhere. On the Google Play Store, the application has zero reviews from any player, but the application has been installed over one million times. However, Collect Em All APK has been established many times, yet there are no reviews on the Google Play Store, which is unsettling. 

Proper research on the application has been conducted, and results claim that the application could be more satisfactory. The gameplay is simple and unchallenging. Cards are also less fascinating than they claim to be. Thus, we suggest our readers cross-verify the application details correctly and then install it. 

Other Games With Similar Names Collect Em All Apk

One such game has an identical name; ‘Collect Em All! Clear the Dots.’ This game is also available on Google Play Store. The gameplay is fascinating; players must collect and crush balls of similar colors to score. The game is claimed to be simple and entertaining. Here are some features of this game:

  • Developer: VOODOO
  • Age restriction: 3 and above
  • Install from the Google Play Store, and the game has advertisements.
  • Reviews: There are over 130,000 reviews on this game, and it has received a 4.4 rating. 
  • Install: The game has been installed more than 10 million times.
  • Data Safety: They claim to have your data encrypted; however, your personal information, such as location and contact details, etc., will be shared with a third party. 

Now we will talk about Collect Em All APK and Collect Em All! Clear the Dots’ differences. 

  • Both the gameplay is very different from each other. 
  • The latter game does not claim to reward cash.
  • Collect Em All! Clear the Dots has proper reviews on the Google Play Store. 
  • Collect Em All! Clear the Dots game looks old and trusted by the players.
  • This game has an in-app purchase option, but Collect Em All has no such chance. 

How To Install Collect Em All APK?

It is time to understand the steps to install the Collect Em All app. 

  • To begin, open the Google Play Store or visit the reliable source that provides the game’s Android package Kit file.
  • Now, tap on the search bar and type the game’s name.
  • Once you type the name of the game, hit the search button.
  • When the play opens, hit the ‘Install on more devices’ option. 
  • Once the game has been installed successfully, search for the game in your application list.
  • Open the installed game, and they will ask to log in with the email address to play the game.
  • Connect the game with your working email address and enjoy your gameplay. 

Pros Of Collect Em All Apk

  • The game offers a unique concept.
  • The gameplay is simple and exciting.
  • The game is engaging and easy to install.
  • This game is available on reliable sources, including Google Play Store. 
  • They claim to provide cash rewards upon card collection.
  • Cash rewards can be redeemed through PayPal (as the application claims).
  • Their image and graphic quality are high and top-notch. 
  • There are no in-app purchases in this game.
  • The game is available for free of cost.
  • Over one million people have installed this game.

Cons of Collect Em All Apk

  • The game needs a better user interface.
  • The game looks as if it is a spam application.
  • The data is not safe and encrypted.
  • The application will retrieve the personal information of the player from their phone.
  • Personal data is subject to be shared on third-party applications. 
  • The application has no reviews on the Google Play Store or the Internet.
  • Minimal information about the game is available on the Internet.
  • The gameplay will be interfered with by the advertisements.


In the end, as per the description and claims by the Collect Em All APK, the game looks interesting and unique. But if we were to pay attention to the features and safety measures of the game, it is suspicious. There are a lot of old games similar to this game on the Google Play Store, and one game has almost the same name as Collect ‘Em All.’ This game will extract the player’s data and share it with a third-party application, which is a major red flag. Although this article is not for providing a legitimacy check for the application, we wish to give a small disclaimer. If you want to learn more about the facts and want to install the game, click here. 

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